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High-end walk in closet neatly organized by jackets and shoes.

We arrange your space and create a system that gives every item a home.

Declutter Your Life

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Life in Orderly Fashion

We help you arrange your space to make it more functional and stress free. We will help you go through your items for the space you want to organize, find a home for every item. Help you reduce items, keeping what you love or have use for and donate / toss what you no longer need or want. ​


Shop for items needed to complete the job and organize to help you declutter and stress out of your life. Each room is approached to find a solution that works for you and your lifestyle. We come up with an easy solution that will help you maintain the area. ​​​

Our History

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Organizing Xpert is a South Florida professional service company founded by Katina Alachouzos in 2018.

Katina is very passionate about helping her customers get organized by bringing simplicity and structure into the homes, offices and living spaces.

The company's philosophy is to allow customers " enjoy a stress-free life and achieve personal and professional success by being organized in their mind, home, and business"

How May We Be of Service?

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Residential Home Organizing

Neatly organized work station with notes, speakers, a camera, and a computer.

Commercial Business

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Special Occasion & Events

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